Briana Ortiz (Briana banana as my mom calls me) is a California girl who resided in Northern Virginia (it's right next to DC). She's happy to be back in Los Angeles, away from the freezing cold weather. She’s born Puerto Rican and Panamanian, causing her a natural urge to dance at the sound of music! Spot her at Stevens Steakhouse dancing Bachata or other popular latin dance events as she's also developing her skills in Zouk and Kizomba! She'll try any activity once-- hoping to one day skydive above the waters of Dubai and ride a hot air balloon safari over Africa. That's a spec of her wanderlust. A vegan, she is passionate about animals (proud dog walker) and bettering the environment. You can find her attending festivals and other grand openings in the Los Angeles area. In her future, she sees herself cast in roles that would have a positive impact on the environment, animals or any cause through media, notably television or film.